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2022 - What I Want To Do

Photographed 7/04/2022
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Models: Lindsey, Morgan, Demarie, Jenna, Veronica, Titania, Jackie, Miranda, Warren, Monce, Doll, Rebecca, Veronica, Karen, Angel, Pacifica Lua Pearl, Galadriel, Molly, Dorian, JoJo, Emily, Whitney, Amanda, Nancy, Alexis, Kelsey, Scralett, Jamie, Sheena, Kayla and Kim.

Covid did a lot of damage to the world, but it had an even broader effect on my personal world. It made me lose interest in something I love to do, photography.

I have spent the last couple of years simply not caring anymore, and I didn't really know why. It had a lot to do with my focus being required elsewhere. I had to find a good job, I needed to be there for my family. I found lots of excuses. My normal work ethic in this area was greatly diminished.

I have made many abortive attempts to get back into it. I couldn't reconnect. I managed to get one shoot done recently that was fun and got some decent shots, but it didn't make me happy. The blame for that was entirely with me. The model was great, but my head wasn't right yet.

Then two weeks ago I started a vacation. My first real vacation in 10 years. I took time to start looking at what I had done, and thinking about why I disconencted. I know part of it was Covid and the inability to get people into my studio and other excuses, but as I looked at my photos and those of other people I hit on the main thing. I wasn't shooting what I wanted to shoot.

I was originally inspired by the pinups of Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas and the art of people like Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo. When I started out I was learning what I needed to learn to do photography, I started shooting anything and everything. Occasionally I would shoot something that aimed towards the areas I wanted to work in, but I wasn't focused.

I have been looking at my photos as I said, and the gallery below contains images that I felt lean towards what I wanted to do when I started. Every one of them had a thought behind it. A goal. They make me happy.

So why am I saying all of this? Because I felt like explaining myself before I get started again.

I am not going back to general photography. I am only going to do projects that are thought out and well executed. Mine or yours, but I will not take on a shoot without a solid creative plan and an objective for the images. An even larger idea is looming behind all of this too. More on that later.

I want something better from my work. I don't want my images to look like everyone else's images. I want something that says "That's Dave Arnspiger's work." I want people to want to be a part of those images.

So I am putting everything I have done before in the past as my 'education' and I am going to aim for a much higher bar going forward. This is going to be fun.

Enjoy the images below.

Lindsey was visiting and wanted to shoot, and I had an idea for a pinup based on a pilot's helmet I had recently been given.  So we went to a local military surplus and whipped up a pilot costume and did this shoot.
Morgan is an aspiring model and a college student.  She's gorgeous and fun to shoot.  We had planned to shoot at a mansion in Beverly Hills and discovered a wedding in progress there, so we shot in the park right across from the Beverly Hills Hotel instead.  This is one of my favorite shoots I have done.  Hoping to shoot with Morgan again someday if it is possible.
The minute I met Demarie Day I knew I wanted to shoot with her.  She's one of those people that your eye just goes to.  Just a genuinely beautiful woman.  Thankfully, I got the chance to work with her this one time.
Jenna had a concept for a dead bride she wanted to do.  She handled the wardrobe and makeup, and we decided on this cool gazebo location in Canyon Country.  The final shots came out really good.
The first time I met Veronica I knew I wanted to shoot a pinup style session with her.  Luck for me she agreed to this white shirt look.  Isn't she adorable?
2012 - Veronica Alicino
Titania popped into the studio in this getup.  Wehad ablast shooting it. One of my favorite image series.
Titania is a lot of fun to work with and this was the peak of my experieinces shooting her.  This was a Halloween costume she wore to the Playboy Mansion.  We had a lot of fun photographing it.
Jackie is the mother of one of the children I shot for the Diabetes Walk.  She seemed interested in doing a shoot, so I asked her.  I think the results speak for themselves.
Possibly the single craziest shoot I have ever done in my tiny studio.  Eight people, sets, props, food, guns, and a complete lack of control of the situation lead to some of the funniest shots I have ever taken.
I was lucky to be introduced to the beautiful Monce Gardner this year.  She is new to the world of modelling and I am proud to have taken some of her first shots as a model.
My second shoot with MOnce Gardner.  This was intended to be a pinup shoot in the rain, but the weather and timing simply did not work for us, so we just goofed around in the studio instead.  I think we got some really cute shots of her.
Doll, Scorch and I had a great deal of fun shooting these images in the Arts District of Las Vegas.  I consider this particular shot one of my best images.
This was an idea I had for a pinup calendar.  I wanted to digitally insert a bed of leaves behind her.  I liked the way the image came out with the minimal number of leaves.
A fun little shoot with the beautiful Veronica Red.
Karen and the Kreeps, a local Las Vegas band.
I was inspired by a pinup painting to shoot a sexy scene in a door way.  Rebecca obliged and we go some great shots in a short session.
I have known Sinn for a few years now having shot several Freakshow Wrestling events.  He asked me to work with a second photographer to do a promo shoot for an upcoming event.  We set up in my home studio and I ended up getting a lot of great shots working around the second photographer.  It was a fun shoot.
Rebecca and I had been discussing an outdoor shoot with her as a Geisha.  We never did manage to do the outdoor shot, but we did spend an evening together getting these studio shots.
I had a couple of ideas I wanted to play with, and Doll volunteered to come and play.  Our popcorn shot was a lot of fun, and we had a good time busting through my paper backdrop.
It took nearly two years for MIranda and I to get together for a personal shoot.  Here's the result.
Sheena and i finally got together for a shoot in my last few weeks in Las Vegas.  These are the best images from the session.
A promotional shoot for my friend Warren Ross who will be performing as the character Pope Satanus in a haunted house in Las Vegas.
A shoot that went from idea to execution in just three days.  Kayla was a blast to work with.
I attended some photo training as a part of a new job and there were multiple photo sessions.  One of them was photographing the lovely Anna.  I love the results we got.
Another class held by Best Buy to teach us about capturing motion in bright daylight.  Nailed it, and got some awesome shots of beautiful women.
Another photo session from the class I took recently.  This one featured cowgirl brides that we photographed around an old west church set.
I met Mollie through a group I run on Facebook.  She was looking to jump back into some modelling and wanted to shoot out at a family farm in northern Colorado.  It was a beautiful day with great skies.  We got some fun shots.
My second shoot with Mollie.  We were going to shoot both studio and outdoor shots, but we never got outside.  I think there are some really cute shots of Mollie in this set.
Part of my Faces project.  Galadriel and Mollie wanted to participate and had an idea for a look.  We played and got some great results.
Some of my favorite models, Mollie, Kayla and Galadriel came over to play with a patriotic theme.
Our second set of shots.  A cute schoolgirl looking black dress and her great look.  A fun series.
Images from a fun Christmas shoot with Austin Shaw and her friend Mary Berry.
The Yokubou Lounge team, lead by Viksen, wanted to do a group Valentine's themed shoot.  We had a great time.  I always love the energy of a large group in my little studio.
Emily and I had been talking about doing a shoot for a while, and we finally got it done.  The pictures came out great.
Jojo came to my attention via Facebook, and we set up a
Diana (aka Smitten By Kitten) took an available session and came over with some  Cosplay options.  We had a great time and got some terrific shots.
Mayra had an idea for a steampunk themed shoot.  We finally got together with her friend Kelton and got it done.
A friend of Emily Emerald who wanted to give a photoshoot a try.  She wanted her motorcycle in the shots and a pinup theme.  We used my garage for a set and got some cool shots.
I saw a selfie Jojo posted that made me want to do a shoot with her.  I asked her to come over and she did.  We ended up having a great little shoot.
My second shoot with the beautiful Emily Emerald.  She had a gown she wanted to pose in, and we got some fantastic shots of her in it.
Had an idea for a pinup,  Whitney came over an made it happen.  She picked the perfect outfit for it too!
I have had this cool hanging chair for a long time and neer gotten to shoot with it.  Finally, Mary and I got the job done.  How do you like our work?
A shoot for my friend Scarlet who was doing a blog posting about fashion.
My fourth project with Amanda and Nancy of Life Gurus Denver.  This time they had pearl jewelry from a local designer, Mirtha Boles.  We had fun trying to capture the beauty of the jewelry and these women.
My firrst session of 2019.  I re-started my Faces project and Dorian was kind enough to be the first in the studio this year.
Kelsey wanted to shoot in her cosplay outfit.  We decided to expand it and see if we could do some composite images too, putting her more firmly in that world.  Imperfect, but I think we did good.
Alexis came over with 4 costumes.  We only managed to get three done, but we had a blast doing it.
Alexis came over with 4 costumes.  We only managed to get three done, but we had a blast doing it.
Amanda and Nancy had an idea for a session featuring wigs they are promoting.
Amanda and Nancy had an idea for a session featuring wigs they are promoting.
I was commissioned by Jenna to shoot band images and a possible cover image for their upcoming Pretty In Plastic album.  This is the final album cover.