LifeGurus Denver - Session V

Photographed 5/19/2019
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Models: Amanda Raisch, Nancy Nunez

I haven't been able to post this session to my web site while I waited for Amanda and Nancy to share it on their site first. Well, here it is.

Amanda and Nancy had an idea for a session featuring wigs they are promoting.

If there is one thing I ought to share about this shoot it is this. When photographing wigs, make sure you cannot see the structure under the wig in the shot. I had to do all sort of weird edits to fix the wigs. Not always succesfully. Look close and you will see.

I look forward to my next gig with the Life Gurus Denver team.

Take a look at their post over on their web page here There's even some Behind The Scenes video.

Enjoy the images below.