Valentines Day Pinup Group Shoot

Photographed 2/2/2019
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Models: Allyissa Biggi, Gemini Love Matthew, Grace Potter Keller, Hannah Mahaffey, Laura Hofford Wilder, Mayra Frias, Whitney Borchard

A Facebook group I belong to got together in my home studio to do a group shoot.

The challenges in this session were many. Seven models shooting with 6 photographers on 3 sets with everyone sharing unfamiliar gear. It was controlled chaos, and so much fun. I am in my element in these situations.

Despite using lights that I did not know, I was able to achieve my same level of work. It took some slight adjustment, but it proved to me I can adapt and do the same kind of work.

I encourage anyone who is working on improving their craft to try situations like this. If you can make your way through it and come out with some good pictures, you will be a stronger photographer because of it. It also helps to meet new people and widen your potential pool of people to work with. I have made some cool new friends out of this.

Enjoy the images below.