Meredith Avery (Phee)

Photographed 10/29/2018
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Model: Meredith Avery (Phee)

I met Phee nearly three years ago when I photographed a fashion show. We discovered a mutual love for the movie TRON, and discussed doing a session that incorporated TRON.

Well, after a lot of inquiries on both side and "Yeah let's do that soon responses", we got off of our butts and got it done.

The unfortunate part of this session is that my gear was malfunctioning, so my lighting was off. So now, we need to get another session together. I hope we won't wait too long this time.

I wanted to add some glow effects to her costume and the discs. I did a little studying and found a quick technique that let me do it. It was fun to try.

Enjoy the images below.