Rocky Horror Picture Show: Live

Photographed 7/21/2018
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Cast: Andrea Renee, Anthony Carroll, Brenna Carter, Connor Matheney, Jen Trube, Jojo Biscuits, Kat Martinez, Maria Scarlata, Sarah Jewell Apodca

I was introduced to The Rocky Horror Picture Show by my girlfriend Kim Stewart at a midnight showing in North Hollywood, CA back in the early 1980s. I loved it.

Later, I started going down to Hollywood, CA to see the live shows where performers acted out the movie while it was playing. It was a blast to see and I saw some very good casts of people do this show.

When I lived in Las Vegas, I was told there was a very good show there, but I never took the time to go see it. Then I moved to Colorado.

It never occurred to me that there might be a Rocky Horror performance in my new hometown, but I was wrong!

My friend Jojo is part of a group called NO Picnic that does a fairly regular performance of the show. She asked me to come out and shoot the show at a local theatre called The Lyric here in Fort Collins.

This cast was fantastic. It was a fun and irreverant performance using a lot fo the old bits I know well, and adding in their own comedic twists. I had a really good time.

My hope was to get shots of the cast with the film behind them to illustrate the scenes. That turned out to be easier said than done. While I got a few images like that, they were more luck than skill.

The cast had a guy with a handheld spotlight illuminating them, but that really didn't give me a lot to work with, so I resorted to flash. I like a lot of the shots I got, and there are a tone here reflecting the entire show. There are maybe 20 to 25 shots Ilove in here, a lot of general shots that work and a few I just threw in for historical reference. Nothing truly bad, but I won't win any awards for this.

I want to shoot this show again in the future, and I will try to provide spotlights that don't distrack from the film but light the cast better allowing me to achieve the look I wanted.

I also want to try and get the cast into my studio to do promotional photos of them in their costumes. I'd love to do some great portaits of each of them.

Enjoy the images below.