Paradise Kitty at Herman's Hideaway

Photographed 7/13/2018
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Band: Jenna Syde (Vocals), Rachel Rine (Drums), Ariel Bellvalaire (Lead Guitar), Shani Kimelman (Rhythm Guitar), ??? (Bass)

My second time shooting a show by my friend Jenna's band, Paradise Kitty, an all girl Guns And Roses tribute band. They are excellent.

I was really hoping to get down front and get some good shots of the band, but I had to contend with another photographer who was easily three inches taller than me and wide as a house who locked to the center point of the stage. He was also one of the rudest photographers I have ever seen as he consistently stepped in front of my shots.

While I wanted to get down front, I also move around a lot to avoid standing in front of people for too long. I know I am a large obstacle.

There was actually one person who cussed me out about not standing in front of him, and it turned out he meant the other guy, so I was not alone in my dislike of this person.

Sadly, I must concede that he got some really great center stage pictures of the bands. Wish he'd let others do the same.

Enough whining, the band was great. I still managed to get some good shots from the ends of the stage, so I am not completely unhappy.

I was not shooting on my A game, but it was well worth it. Images could be a bit sharper and I wasn't working the light properly, although the show was also poorly lit too.

I also got to spend a few minutes with Jenna, Ariel and Rachel after the show and get them to autograph some prints from the last show. It was great to get to meet Ariel in person as I have a photographer's crush on her and would love to photograph her playing in my studio. She's a lovely girl and a fantastic guitarist. Perhaps someday.

Enjoy the images below.