Jamie King Frey

Photographed 7/10/2018
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Model: Jamie King Frey

A friend of Emily Emerald who wanted to give a photoshoot a try. She wanted her motorcycle in the shots and a pinup theme.

This was the second time Jamie had been photographed as a model with a long gap in between. She was a bit nervous to do this.

She brought along some support, Emily Emerald, a great model whom I have shot with before and another friend. They helped her with hair and makeup and Emily assisted with posing tips.

For what was essentially a first time in front of the camera, mine at least, Jamie did a great job. While I don't know if she ever totally relaxed during the shoot, she did get in some great looks.

I am hoping she'll decide to do a second shoot with me and we'll get some even better looks from her.

I set up my garage as a set for her bike. Jamie brought some spare parts to lay about. We ended up more focused on her and the bike.

We hung a black backdrop across the room to block out my ugly shelves and turned away from the set aspect to get beauty shots of her and the bike.

Nothing special about my setup. My standard two light arrangement and not much else.

Enjoy the images below.