Photographed 5/15/2018
Photographer: David Arnspiger

Mother nature hates me. If there is lightning, by the time I get set up to shoot it, the show is over. At the end of April there was a lightning show. I caught one image of the last bolt of lightning, and it was nothing special.

Tonight, I got a second chance. This storm was pretty strong and the bolts of lightning were awesome. I raced downstairs, grabbed my gear, and got set up in under five minutes. I had my ISO too low, so the first two shots I should have gotten were duds. I adjusted and immediately caught the image you see here. Then the show was over. That was the last bolt of lightning.

So I am convinced that Mother Nature hates me. Now if I can just get pictures of the cool yellow birds outside my office window. If a camera is around, the birds are not. Darn!

Enjoy the images below.