Emily Emerald

Photographed 2/18/2018
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Model: Emily Emerald

Emily came to my attention via another model I have worked with, Mollie. I forget who approached whom, but I am very glad we finally got together for a shoot. Emily is a stunner.

Emily, her fiance and her adorable little boy Gabriel came over to the studio on February 18, 2018. We got situated in the studio and got to work.

This was apparently Emily's first foray back into modelling, so we kept it simple and did one of my Get To Know You shoots where I have the model just bring a couple of looks and we shoot. Nothing too strenuous.

Emily started off in a form fitting emerald green dress that was an amazing compliment to her flaming red hair. Then she added a cool little fur lined jacket which we used to good effect.

Her second look was a vintage white top and blue skirt which also accentuated her hair. We accessorized with her large white sun hat and then a hat I have with pink lines that just looked amazing on her.

To top it off, we pulled out a cool yellow raincoat and pink polka-dot umbrella I have in my archives and got a few more cool shots before wrapping it up.

During the shoot we got some very cute shots of her and her son who kept popping in to see what mommy was up to.

Emily certainly has the looks to be a fantastic model, and I am hoping to work with her again real soon.

As for my shooting technique for this shoot, I was on my A game. I feel like my focus was great, my depth of field shows her features well and my post processing pulled out the best of her coloring. These are some very pretty shots.

Enjoy the images below.