Paradise Kitty at Herman's Hideaway

Photographed 11/14/2017
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Band: Jenna Syde (Vocals), Rachel Rine (Drums), Ariel Bellvalaire (Lead Guitar), Emily Ruvidich (Rhythm Guitar), Nikki Stevens (Bass)

I have never been a die hard Guns And Roses fan. I like the hits, I know some of the peripheral songs, but I can't name deep tracks. I probably should spend some time getting to know more, but for now, I really like what I like.

Now, take those songs, and present them as an all female quintet called Paradise Kitty, and you have something exceptional. It is obvious that Paradise Kitty features 5 gorgeous women. They have the looks, but they are so much more than that.

I have been a fan of Lead Singer Jenna Syde since I first photographed her on stage with her band Jenna Syde and the Watchers. She's a great performer, strong voice and attitude to spare. A great front person for any band she is in.

Bassist Nikki Stevens helps hold down the rhythm section with Rachael Rine, the drummer. Emily Ruvidich is the Rhythm Guitarist and great fun to photograph, she provides a constantly moving presence on stage.

Finally, there is my new favorite female guitarist, Ariel Bellvalaire. You can't help but notice the beauty of this pint sized powerhouse. She is stunning to look at, and then she picks up her guitar and starts wailing on some Randy Rhoads licks and it's off to the races. The lady can play. She too is a constantly moving target on the stage and a blast to shoot as you will see in the pictures below.

If you like G'n'R, you owe it to yourself to see these ladies play. Cover band, tribute band, those labels are not important here. What is important is that this is one powerhouse band that puts on a great performance every night. If you write them off as a novelty, you are not paying attention. This is an amazing live show and a talented group of musicians. Do not miss the opportunity to see them play live.

On to the pictures....