Theatrical Costumes III

Photographed 4/15/2017
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Models: Claire Rene Smith, Galadriel Berg, Kayla Golden, Kevin Charbonneau, Mollie Melick, Sarah Jones, Seth McIntire, Stevie, Tony Ronson, Whisper Rose, Whitney Maloney

Round 3 of shooting with the Theatrical Costumes team is now complete, and this was the best round so far. We had a larger group of models and a wider variety of costumes. Everyone had a good time.

Once again I was in the tiny back corner and I tried to spread out the backdrop better, but I still ended up with a ton of editing. The backdrops on every image below had to be hand painted. I also had to do them very quickly, 121 of them,, so even though each image has imperfections, I worked out a system of painting, patching and clone stamping that let's me complete each image in about 5 to 10 minutes depending on details.

I am hoping that next time we will finally have a wider space to work in so my backdrops don't bunch up.

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Enjoy the images below.