Theatrical Costumes II

Photographed 3/19/2017
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Models: Aren Mercier, Kayla Golden, Liv Murray, Mollie Melick, Odessa Murray, Whisper Rose

Right on the heels of our first shoot at Theatrical Costumes being wrapped up, we did a second. Larger than the first, we had several models this time willing to play.

The first time out we were working in a very small space, this time was the same, but I planned ahead. However, my plan was flawed. I folded my 10x20 cloth backdrops in half and hung them thinking I could get them flatter and have less to edit after the fact. That part worked, but I ended up with less surface space to shoot against. I ended up with more editing to do.

After the shoot my contact Mollie and I discussed setting up in a more central area of the store where there is a wider space and we can use a wider backdrop. Should there be a next time, I think we're gonna get some much cooler group shots.

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Enjoy the images below.