Theatrical Costumes I

Photographed 3/05/2017
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Models: Galadriel Berg, Mollie Melick

I have recently started to get a foothold in the local photography community in Northern Colorado. Two of the main reasons for that are Mollie Mellick and Galadriel Berg. Both of these models have done wonders for helping to build my reputation in the area and it is greatly appreciated.

One of the ways this has manifested is in our recent shoot at Mollie's workplace, Theatrical Costumes Etc., in Boulder, CO. This place is amazing. Anything you might want in a costume is there. You could spend days looking through their stuff. It is worth a visit, trust me. Check out their web page at

Mollie asked me if I would be interested in shooting some pictures of her and her co-workers drressed in costumes for them to use in their blogs and various sites. I was happy to do it.

The challenge of this shoot was shooting in the store. It is densely packed with small aisles. I set up my backdrop just inside their back door in front of a display of hats. My lights just across the aisle and me in another skinny aisle shooting. A lot of the shots had lights protuding into the sides of the shots, but strangely the cleanup process in Lightroom and Photoshop was minimal.

I like the way these came out, and I am looking forward to the next shoot with them. This may become a regular thing.

Check out their web page at

Enjoy the images below.