Photographed 2/25/2017
Photographer: David Arnspiger

I try to stay sharp by finding little projects to shoot each day. I often delete most of them and never share. These icicles are one of the exceptions to that plan.

Catching water droplets is not the easiest task, and shooting them handheld makes it even harder. I am sure others have tricks to do this right, but I like to do it my way.

I had my 5D Mk. II set up with my 100mm macro lens on it. I set my ISO at 100 and my shutter at 1/2000 with an f-stop of 8.0. I opened my garage and focused on the range of icicles hanging there. 270 shots later I had 11 remaining shots that I kept in Lightroom.

I was very pleased with my results. Sure, I shot a lot of images to get so few, but I did what I set out to do. The last shot was kind of fun to try for. I knew the icicle was about to fall. I was hoping to catch it as it fell but instead I got nohing but one last drop of water hanging in the air after it went. Maybe next time?

Enjoy the images below.