Faces: Galadriel and Mollie

Photographed 1/18/2017
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Models: Galadriel Berg, Mollie Mellick

I had a project called Faces that I was trying to get rolling and Galadriel and Mollie were the first to volunteer for it. One of my goals was to set no rules for how they look and just photograph the faces. The girls had a great idea for makeup and came ready to play.

One addition we made to their shoot was the microphone. Galadriel came rocking that cool dress, and Mollie looked like she could be fronting a band, so we tossed that into the mix. It came out cool.

We also expanded the shoot to incorporate some more full length shots because both girls looked so good. I love working with these two, they ae a lot of fun and I am sure there will be other shoots in the future.

Enjoy the images below.