Barb Wire Dolls at Herman's Hideaway

Photographed 11/18/2016
Photographer: David Arnspiger

The Barb Wire Dolls came to town again and I made arrangements to shoot their show at Herman's Hideaway in Denver, CO. I got to the show over an hour early, and unfortunately the band and their guest list didn't arrive until I had stood out in the cold for over an hour. I met some interesting people while I stood out there, so it wasn't a total loss, but I was a human popsicle.

Now I had no doubt this band was going to provide a great show that was fun to shoot. Barb Wire Dolls is one of the best live acts I have seen. Isis Queen is a fantastic front woman and everyone in the band brings the energy to the show. They are also one of the most photogenic bands I have ever seen. Their new guitarist Remmington is fun to shoot. I owe Krash Doll an apology for not trying to get more shots of him in action.

I had hoped for better lighting in this club. There is a bit of grain in the images because of the low light and I had trouble focusing due to smoke in the air....excuses, excuses. I still got a ton of shots I liked a lot. I did a lot of black and white conversions too. While I liked the colors in a lot of the shots, some of them just looked better in black and white.

Enjoy the images below.