Sheri Grant
Posted by: David Arnspiger on September 25th, 2016

I don't recall if I approached Sheri or she approached me, but we ended up doing a dual shoot of her and her daughter Alyssa. Sheri had told me that she was wanting to return to modelling, and I was going to shoot her first set of her return.

Sheri was very enthusiastic, and had a concept in her head for a water shot that we never got around to due to my spine deciding to try to exit my body. I had taken her to a place I knew to have water from a previous shoot, unfortunately it was dry as a bone when we arrived for this shoot.

Overall this was a fun shoot for an off-the-cuff setup. I love shooting with beautiful women who don't fit the manufactured TV/magazine standards of beauty and capture that true beauty in them. I think we did that here. The sitting shots especially show her the best. I am proud of these photos.