Galadriel Berg

Photographed 5/18/2016
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Model: Galadriel Berg

Galadriel and I connected up via a Facebook group we are both part of. I had been itching to shoot something and she was available, so we just got together to see what would happen. Little did I know how well it would go.

We first hit a small field behind a supermarket that set off an early tone that this might not be a good shoot. It was just a bad spot, but I think it worried both of us. We quickly moved to a nearby lake. That's when things started to click.

I have been looking at how I light my models and trying to up my game a bit in that area. I had brought both of my Canon flashes with me as well as a Gary Fong Light Sphere and Grid. I also had a big reflector on a stand. I set up and after a few test shots, things were humming.

I have to say I am very happy with these images, and the public reaction has been far better than anything I have received before. I am already planning a second shoot with Galadriel because I am fairly certain more than 50% of the reason for the reaction to the shots is the fact that she is gorgeous.

Enjoy the images below.