Beautiful Anna
Posted by: David Arnspiger on March 1st, 2016

I had to attend a series of classes on photography as a part of a new job. There were a number of breakout sessions where we photographed different subjects. One of the first, and best, was working with the beautiful Anna.

Now I have shot many portrait images in my time, but the coach in this session pushed me to try some new things and in the end I achieved some of my best work. The last three images in this series are the best shots. One was even singled out as one of the best photos of the day in the course.

The concept of taking a course in the basics of photography kind of annooyed me at first, but I tried to go into it with an open mind and treat it as though I knew nothing at all. I ended up learning/re-learning some key concepts and in the end I feel like I am a better photographer for having gone through it.

The learning for me is that I can always learn to do it better. I just have to open my mind to new concepts.