Kayla Farré, Brrrmaid
Posted by: David Arnspiger on February 12th 2016

Kayla and I met through a photography forum on Facebook. She had an idea for a shoot of a mermaid making snow angels. I volunteered to shoot it and within two days we were shooting. For a creative shoot, the speed was amazing.

The major reason for the speed was that the snow in our area was melting. We really only had one chance to get it.

I had one last large patch of snow in my yard so we decided to shoot it there. Rather than climb up on a ladder and shoot down towards her, I decided to reuse a setup I had used before. I put my Canon 5D Mark II up on a boom aiming down at the scene. Then I used the Canon EOS utility to control my camera from my new Microsoft Surface 4. We had natural light fromthe setting sun streaming from where here head would be, and I brought in a flash on a light stand with a Pocket Wizard that I placed down by her feet to fill in the light.

I have to give Kayla credit. Laying in the snow as long as she did was very brave and she was a trooper to do it as long as she did. We had a lot of fun getting these shots and I know Kayla loves them.

I learned a couple of things during this shoot. One is, working in the snow presents problems for everyone and you have to work quickly. Two, when your hands are frozen, the Microsoft Surface will not detect finger presses. This was a great shoot and a bit of a stretch out of my comfort zone. I am glad I had the opportunity to do it.