Amanda Raisch
Posted by: David Arnspiger on January 24th 2016

I met Amanda through a designer I had tried to work with. That project fell through, but I stayed in touch with Amanda.

I had just recently finished setting up a rudimentary studio space in my basement and I really wanted to shoot. Amanda and I linked up again and she agreed to come up to Fort Collins.

Amanda is gorgeous, and since it was our first time working together we went with casual looks and nothing too crazy in the studio. We just had fun and tried to get some pretty shots of her. I think we were successful.

The best part of this shoot was that I also met her beautiful friend Danielle, and the two of them are going to do a creative shoot with me in March. Wait until you see that one!

Now, as the first shoot in my new studio space, I was still not quite set up as well as I wanted to be. I was working to overcome some lighting issues and get back into my normal shooting rhythm. While I am happy with these images, I personally think I could have done much better. I could have given Amanda more direction on clothing items to bring to shoot in, I could have done more advance parctice work to get my light positions set. I could have been ready to use my gear in my new space with grace instead of clumsiness. I tried to do too much in one shoot and I didn't give Amanda my best work, and that is a problem for me.

I want people walking out of my studio 100% happy. While I know Amanda likes the images, I really want to knock her socks off with the next shoot. It's going to be really cool and a lot different from anything I have shot before.