Winter Arrives
Posted by: David Arnspiger on November 11th, 2015

I am new to winter. I grew up and lived in three sunny states. California, Arizona and Nevada. I have always claimed to hate snow. Then I moved to Northern Colorado.

We experienced our first snow last April. It was an overnight thing and we awoke to a winter wonderland that was gone by lunchtime. Easy snow. Beautiful snow.

On November 11th, we got our first real snow. Again, a one day thing, but deeper, and the cold caused some of it to linger for days. My birdbath is still a frozen pond.

I decided to trek outside and see if I could get some beautiful shots of the winter wonderland.

I got outside and started snapping some shots of various things that I felt were interesting. After about 50 pics I went back inside and whittled it down to two shots that I liked. I just didn't feel like anything else captured the beauty of the first snow day of winter.

I had fun trying, and I really love the shot of the berries with the snow and the water drip forming.