Kym Dee
Posted by: David Arnspiger on February 23rd, 2015

I met Kym during the Pope Satanus shoot. She arrived late but made an immediate impression once she arrived. She really wanted to do a shoot. I believe she had been a model before and was now interested in resuming that path. She's got the looks and a natural talent for it.

She claimed to have been very nervous during this shoot, but I don't recall it. She seemed very 'in command'. She had several looks she wanted, she changed costumes right there in the room. Felt like a professional to me.

Kym certainly brought a very sexy vibe to these images which she dubs her 'first'. I am glad to have been involved in kickstarting her career as a model and if you check out her site on Facebook you will see that she is off to a good running start.