Sarah Sommer
Posted by: David Arnspiger on January 14th, 2015

Sarah and I connected with each other via Facebook and she consented to do a shoot with me with her choice of theming. She selected a Rockabilly Wonder Woman theme. We got together in my home studio on January 14th and spent about two hours shooting together.

I had recently read an article where a photographer had done a shoot where he wanted a pure white background, but didn't have a lot of lights to use to shoot it. He proposed aiming all of his flash power at the backdrop and using reflectors to light the model. I loved that idea and had played with similar setups before.

I built some DIY reflectors a few years before using some reflection material I got from Calumet that was part of an expensive system they sold. By buying the panels and building my own PVC frames to hold them, I saved hundreds of dollars and have working six foot tall reflectors in my studio.

The reflector panels are two sections that I can place in a V and I used the panel with black fabric to block my flashes from spilling back on the model. I used my two flash guns on stands with 30 inch diffusers aimed at the backdrop from 45 degree angles on both sides. I set the flash guns at full power via my radio triggers. I then angled the second reflective panel to aim at the model on a 45 degree angle as well. I makes a corridor of light that I can stand the model in and bathe them in light.

I am really happy with the results and I am looking forward to trying this technique again very soon.