Rebecca Mataya
Posted by: David Arnspiger on January 3rd, 2015

My first shoot of 2015, and I wanted to kick off the year with something great. Luckily, my favorite model, Rebecca Mataya, was available to work and she brought her A game. I had posted an inspirational image in a private model forum I run on Facebook, and I got several models responding. The concept was to work with reflection and get some very sexy images with a simple one light setup and a sheet of plexiglass.

Before Rebecca arrived, I tested the theory with Bob, my fill in model. As you can see below, he brought the sexy. I started off playing with settings at F2.8 with the shutter at 1/100th and ISO at 500. That got me my results, but my depth of field was not to my liking. Things seemed a little fuzzy. I shifted to F9 at 1/400th of a second with the ISO between 200 and 500. I set my strobe at 100% and it worked. I was getting what I wanted.

Rebecca arrived and we got down to business. She had a ton of sexy clothing choices with her, and we settled on four looks, and then a fifth setup which would be her character Polly. We shot for about 3 hours and had a terrific time. Rebecca is always a fascinating model to work with. She poses great and was perfect for the first four setups, and then we got to Polly.

When Rebecca shifts into Polly, something happens. The moves get stranger, there is an intensity in the room. She's fearless. I love working with Polly. One of our earlier sets required no editing whatsoever, the shots were that good, and a lot of that had to do with Polly.

Take a look at our results below. Let us know what you think on Facebook.