Nuclear Bombshells
Posted by: David Arnspiger on November 8th, 2014

The Nuclear Bombshells invited me out to Goodsprings, NV near the Pioneer Saloon to do some promotional shots of their group for a calendar project. They had an amazing custom car and their usual fun costumes. This should have been a terrific shoot.

The problem with the shoot was simple. I wasn't in charge. I was there to do what they wanted to do, and I fell in step with that very quickly. I should have done a lot more directing and moved some things around to get better shots. I am not saying that we got bad shots, far from it. I like the shots I selected for the gallery below. What I am saying is that I should have combined my own creativity with theirs and tried for some more interesting work.

None of these shots have ever been used for anything other than Facebook icons. None of them made it into their calendar project, which is unfortunate. At the very least it was a learning experience and I got to spend an afternoon with a fun group of people.