Freakshow Wrestling End Of The World Party
Posted by: David Arnspiger on August 29th, 2014

I have been acquainted with the folks from Freakshow Wrestling for several years now thanks to my friend Leroy Patterson and Scorch The Clown. I was invited to shoot at many events while in California and it expanded a little in Las Vegas.

The End Of The World party was announced for the end of August and I was looking forward to sneaking in this big shoot just three days before heart surgery. It proved to be a big mistake for me. I was only able to shoot for about 2 hours before I was unable to stand on my own anymore. I spent the entire event sitting in my car in the Vegas heat so my fellow photographer Wayne Minert could shoot the whole event (I drove).

Sadly, I got very few shots as you will see below. However, I was able to snap one of my favorite pics to date. The one of the empty ring looking out into the fading evening light. I have received many compliments on this image and it really sets the tone of the calm before the storm of the main event.

I wish I had been capable of shooting the whole event because there was some really great stuff going on in and around the ring. I am hoping to get one more Freakshow event under my belt before I move away from these wonderful people.