Tralena Sable
Posted by: David Arnspiger on August 21st, 2014

I had seen an idea on a web site about using colored gels to light the background in a shot. I wanted to try it out. I put out a call on Facebook and Tralena Sable stepped up to the challenge.

I wanted to shoot with a rock wall behind the model and light it in various colors with my flash guns and gels. Tralena came prepared for a couple of looks and I came with all the right gear except one thing, a model light.

We had waited until near dark to shoot as the idea was to light her with one flash and the background with another. The problem was that I had no way to focus on Tralena, it was too dark. I thought we were going to have to drop the shoot and go home.

Lucky for me, Tralena understood the problem and proposed a perfect solution. She fired up the flashlight on her cel phone and we used that to allow me to focus on her and get the shots.

Overall, it was a succesful experiment and I like the images. It's something I definitely want to play with more and perfect.