Rebecca Mataya Calendar Pinups
Posted by: David Arnspiger on June 18th, 2014

This was an idea I had for a pinup calendar. I wanted to digitally insert a bed of leaves behind her. I ended up liking the way the image came out with the minimal number of leaves.

I bought about 300 silk autumn leaves from an online store, and I shot a small collection of images of different configurations of leaves. I planned to piece them together into a backdrop I could insert the model onto. In the end, I really didn't like the way it looked. The simpler images with just a smattering of leaves looked nicer. I wanted the images to highlight the beauty of Rebecca, and the simpler images do that.

This was a fun shoot from a technical perspective for me as well. In my small studio space, there is no way for me to get high enough to shoot down at the model myself, so I mounted my camera on a boom and ran the camera from my PC Pad via Lightroom.

I had a couple of technical issues as we started the shoot. The forst was the inability to get the remote flashes to trigger. The second was a problem getting the lens to focus properly. It turned out that I had not seated the lens properly, and it was actually in dancer of falling off. I went to change it out and discovered the problem.

The flash issue was actually caused by my remote trigger. When I removed it and triggered the camera with the computer, the flashes worked fine.