Her Pinup
Posted by: David Arnspiger on March 3rd, 2014

She wanted to create a personal calendar for her fiancee. We got shots done for four different months before life lead her away from the project. She has kindly allowed me to share these shots from the sessions.

We had done a fair amount of planning prior to shooting this, and I was prepared to shoot 6 months in one session. What I learned from this session is that no matter how much you plan ahead, things don't always go your way. By the time we got to the fourth image, we were all getting tired and losing the mood.

My recommendation if you are shooting a calendar project, do it in two month segments, a couple of weeks apart. Shoot two, select and edit and then move on to the next two months. I might be much easier on all parties involved and you will probably get better shots in the long run.

I still love the shots, and I am sorry we are never going to complete this calendar together. However, it has inspired me to try again and do a better job on the next one. I will have a calendar before 2016.