2013 Step Out: Walk To Stop Diabetes - Valencia Mile Markers
Posted by: David Arnspiger on October 19th, 2013

This is the fourth year I have shot the Mile Markers for Step Out: Walk To Stop Diabetes, Valencia.

The fun part of doing this each year is watching the kids grow and change. A couple of the kids come to the session each year with props and plans to improve on what they did last year. One of my faves has been Nathan Klima who was a guitarist one year, then a Jedi with Light Sabre and then a Ninja this year. He throws himself into the photos, literally. You will know him when you see him below.

I am very proud of these images. I was convinced this was going to be my last year shooting these images because I was moving out of state. Instead, I chose to make a round trip drive to Valencia from Las Vegas to shoot the 2014 images too.