Parenthood Expedition

Photographed 5/26/2013
Photographer: David Arnspiger

I was recommended as the photographer for the Parenthood Expedition by my friend Warren Ross. The gentleman who was doing this ambitious 64 mile walk around Las Vegas was Kilan Smith. He was a leader in a group called BabyDaddyGuru that was walking to support the rights of divorced fathers in child custody situations. I agreed to come on board and shoot the entire walk.

Now, a 64 mile walk around Las Vegas is not my idea of how I want to spend a day, especially the need to recuperate afterwards. How was I going to do this? The original plan was for the walkers to call me as they neared certain milestones along the walk and then I would drive over and photograph the arrival and any festivities. We learned quickly that this was probably not the best plan. So I started to shadow the group in my car. Parking down the road a bit and trying to anticipate where they would be at interesting locations to shoot in. The coolest of these was when they passed the billboard for Cariba Charlie's featuring Scorch The Clown that I was so proud of. There is a shot below showing that billboard.

Overall, it was a fun experience trying to capture such a unique event. However, at about one third of the walk a team doctor called off the rest of the walk due to damage to Kilan's feet. You could see it on his face, he was exhausted and in pain. The second and third legs of the walk were abandoned, and we took Kilan home and hung out for a while before calling it a night. I lost touch with these guys shortly after this event. There was a plan to try again the following year, but I never saw anything about it happening. I am glad I took a chance and did this event. I had a great time.

Enjoy the images below.