Melinda Matheson

Photographed 6/26/2012
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Model: Melinda Matheson

High School, that wonderful time of life when it's impossible to talk to girls. Had I been a photographer back then I would never have had a single shot of a woman. I was awful at it. However, I would have wanted to shoot pictures of Melinda Matheson. She was a real cutie, cheerleader, curvy blonde, a great subject.

Flash forward to 2012. After many shoots and sharing my work online, I started to get interest from my old classmates to do shoots. Melinda was one of them. How cool is that?

Melinda lives in the northwest, so we had to wait for her to make a visit to Burbank, CA, where I was living at the time. She made the trip in June of 2012, and we planned a day for her shoot. She was very excited to do it.

We did a little shopping in the Magnolia Park District of Burbank to find some clothes. We found some good stuff in a vintage shop, and then we headed back to my studio. Melinda is not a practiced model, so we started slow and I tried to keep things light and fun so she didn't feel overwhelmed. Once she got comfortable she really threw herself into the task and we had a really fun shoot.

Many of the images provided below are unedited, just cropped a bit. If I have one regret about the shoot it was that my work seems a little sloppy. I would love to get together with Melinda again at some point and do a better shoot.

Enjoy the images below.