Jenna Syde and the Watchers Band Shoot

Photographed 5/26/2012
Photographer: David Arnspiger

Recently I shot a series of band photos and a possible album cover shot for Jenna Syde and the Watchers. The album is to be called Pretty In Plastic and the inspiration for the cover was the murder room used by the TV character Dexter.

The band was in a very active cycle at the time and the only place we could all get together was their rehearsal studio in Valencia, CA. I had already mocked up a murder room in my home using some paint poles I have and my backdrops. I knew how to set it up. So I purchased some plastic sheeting and put everything in the car and headed for Valencia.

My buddy Seth Grenald tagged along for the shoot because he was loaning me his strobes for the shoot. I had been shooting with hot lights up to that point and I was glad for the opportunity to try out the strobes.

We started out the day shooting band shots. We started on a black background and quickly shifted to white as outfits conflicted and it simply didn't look right.

After we did the individual and group shots, we moved on to setting up the murder room. We put Jenna on a small folding table I brought and the band started to wrap her in plastic wrap on the table. It looked awesome. We had a blast getting it set up.

Everyone got into place and we shot a series of images of the scene as planned. Everyone was menacing. Then we moved the rest of the band out and did the final shots with fake blood of just Jenna, and we wrapped.

I delivered the images fairly quickly and the group sent me their choices. I wanted to submit an image for consideration for the album cover, so I edited the final image in the group below as an example. The band went another way, and I loved what they chose. I am very proud of where it went. I have even run into a copy in a used record store which to me was validation.

Check out this great band live and find out more about them here: Reverb Nation

Enjoy the images below.