The Zombie Bride with Jenna Syde

Photographed 3/15/2012
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Model: Jenna Syde

Jenna had an idea and I wanted to shoot something with Jenna because she's gorgeous. Her idea was a ghost story. A young bride, gunned down on her wedding day returns night after night searching for the living. It was a great concept and we set a plan and met up in Valencia, California at a small church to use their gazebo.

I had recently purchased some colored filters for my flashes and I planned to use them for this shoot to give it a greenish cast. I brought a couple of light stands and set up with them each wide to the right and left to try to give some long shadows if possible and bathe the area in green light. I had a lot of trouble getting my flashes to cooperate. I got inconsistent coloring in a lot of the shots but with a little adjustment in Lightroom I was able to get them looking the way I wanted without any real editing.

Overall, despite the issues I had, I consider this one of my best shoots. I think Jenna got what she was looking for, and I am very happy with the images. There is one particular image from this set, a view from the ground up with Jenna looking long and the gazebo stretched into the darkening sky. It is one of my favorite shots.

Enjoy the images below.