Rue at The Viper Room

Photographed 3/4/2012
Photographer: David Arnspiger

By this point in time I had shot Jenna Syde with her band Jenna Syde and the Watchers a few times and was planning other shoots with her. This time out I was shooting a side project of hers, an older band she was in called Rue.

It was a terrific show and Rue is a solid live band. I caught myself a few times wanting to stop and just listen instead of doing my job. Jenna has a great stage presence and is a blast to watch perform.

As noted in other posts, the big problem with the Viper Room is that they don't like flash pictures and their lighting is awful. I got some good pictures of the band, but my ISO was so high the noise in the images detracts. I need a better lens for the task that will let me shoot at a higher speed. Gotta look Still, I like the images and am posting them here for fans to view.

Enjoy the images below.