Otto's Daughter at The Viper Room

Photographed 3/4/2012
Photographer: David Arnspiger

I have described in past entries how one job leads me to another. At this point in time I had become connected to the band Jenna Syde and the Watchers and was shooting several of their shows around town. In this case, it was a side project of Jenna's, an older band she was in called Rue. They were playing The Viper Room and this band called Otto's Daughter was on right before them.

Otto's Daughter has this amazing singer named Jacqueline van Bierk. She's a great front woman and a terrific photographic subject. I really enjoyed their set and in particular a single called 'Beautyfool' they had out at the time. Look it up on YouTube.

The big problem with the Viper Room is that they don't like flash pictures and their lighting is awful. I got some good pictures of the band, but my ISO was so high the noise in the images detracts. I like the images, but they are not very good. I am posting them here for fans to view.

Enjoy the images below.