Nevada Lightning

Photographed 9/14/2011
Photographer: David Arnspiger

Seth Grenald and I had just left the Valley Of Fire in Southern Nevada on our way to Las Vegas for the night. In the distance we saw a thunderstorm building. It was time for me to try and capture some lightning.

I had read about how to do it. The problem was that it was intended for night use and we were in fairly bright daylight. I used half second exposures at f22 and ISO 100. I set my camera on top of my car and used my remote trigger to snap a long sequence of shots.

I got what I had been after for a long time, great shots of lightning bolts. Were they perfect, no. I have learned more about shooting lightning since. Using infinite focus and turning off autofocus to improve my shots.

I have experimented with longer exposures in different lighting situations and I have a pretty good collection of lightning shots these days.

Enjoy the pictures below.