Upper Antelope Canyon

Photographed 9/11/2011
Photographer: David Arnspiger

Upper Antelope Canyon is amazing, but it is the touristy part of the area. You get trucked in by a variety of vehicles through a rough riverbed, and then you are marched through the canyon in groups with mere seconds to shoot at each location you stop at. It's not easy to get a lot of great shots unless you pay for private time in there. We were on a photography tour and this is my POV. Can you imagine how little time you have on the general tour?

Still, I feel like I got some excellent shots, especially the beams of light that come down into parts of the canyon.

This was actually the first place we went on this day. As I recall, we did Lower Antelope Canyon after this one.

These sites are truly worth a visit. I hope I get back to visit again someday.

Enjoy the pictures below.