Tallulah Richards

Photographed 6/18/2011
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Model: Tallulah Richards

Ever have one of those shoots where you think you did a good job, the reaction to the shots is initially positive and then you never hear about them again? This was one of those shoots for me.

My friend Lisa Michelle Corona talked me up to Deborah Richards who is the wife of 80s rocker Nick Richards (Boys Don't Cry). They asked me to come to their home in Malibu and shoot a portrait set of their daughter Tallulah.

This shoot had plenty of advance notice, and I was assured everyone was excited and brimming with ideas. This proved to be partially true. Mom was excited, I think Tallulah wanted to be anywhere else. There was no attempt to dress up for the shoot, and I was pressed to come up with things to shoot. Since they had a lovely home, I decided we'd explore the grounds and shoot what looked good. It worked for me, and there are some great locations I would love to use again if possible.

Tallulah warmed up a little bit in the middle of the shoot, and then we kind of lost it again when her friend showed up to hang out. We kind of tapered off from that point.

I sent the images back to them and I was under the impression there was this great plan for them. Like I said, the inital reaction was strong, and then after a few posts on Facebook, that went away fast. It's unfortunate, because I think there are some really great shots of Tallulah in the gallery below.

Enjoy the images below.