Golden Hearts Awards

Photographed 5/09/2011
Photographer: David Arnspiger

My personal approach to photography is to try everything I get an opportunity to try. If I have enough advance notice I can study and be prepared to shoot. This was one of those opportunities.

Thanks to my friend Victoria Joyce I got an invitation from Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine to shoot the red carpet for the 2011 Golden Hearts Awards. Obviously, I had never done this, and I had about 48 hours notice to do some reading on what the pros do. It seemed I had gear that was reasonably competitive so I took it on and got ready.

The main honoree for 2011 was Tom Petty and his wife Dana. This was a really cool opportunity. I got to the event early, got my credentials and found my place. Despite being the photographer for one of the hosts, I had been placed at the back of the photographers group, although I still suspect one of the other photogs switched placards on me.

It didn't matter, the guy in front of me was short and I worked right over the top of him. Another photographer also volunteered a stool to get me even higher. Overall, the other photographers were pretty cool towards the newbie in the bunch. I didn't make any frieinds that night, but I believe I got shots just as good as some of them.

You can be the judge as you check out the gallery below.