Elliot Randall and the Deadmen at The Viper Room

Photographed 3/3/2011
Photographer: David Arnspiger

I covered this show back in 2011. The band had just released their second album (with photos by Traumantic Studios) and this was a big showcase event for them in Hollywood.

The Viper Room has crappy lighting. It's very dark in there and hard to get good images. When I got home and looked over these images, I hated them. Nearly 5 years later, I am looking at them with a fresh eye and I decided to take some of them into black and white.

What a difference that made. It brought something out of the images I did not see before. So, five years late, here are the shots from Elliot Randall and the Deadmen at The Viper Room.

Enjoy the images below.