Renee 'Ne-Ne' Ammann

Photographed 1/24/2011
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Model: Renee 'Ne-Ne' Ammann

I came into contact with Renee via some of the events I shot for Emma Ridley and her fitness centers. Renee had performed in some of those events doing hip-hop and Tahitian style dances. She wanted some shots for promoting herself and a business she was starting.

We got together in my little studio space and shot a couple of different looks. The thing I love about these images is that other than some tweaking of contrast and vibrance and some small backdrop edits, they are great images of Ne-Ne. She was a great subject and I was firing on all cylinders that night.

I am still very proud of these images and would not mind shooting more of this kind of image.

Enjoy the images below.