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2010 - Last Picture Of The Year: Burbank Rose Parade Float Sendoff

Photographed 12/31/202010
Photographer: David Arnspiger

Somewhere along my path I developed a habit. I started seeking out the last picture of each year. I would go out on January 31st and at some point I would take what I would call my final picture of that year.

Let's be perfectly clear, I cheat a little. Often the last picture of the year is the 'Last Good Picture Of The Year', and not the last physical picture I took, because often those are crap throwaway shots at the last possible moment that don't ever look good. So yes, I am a bit of a fraud in calling these the 'Last Picture Of The Year', but I hope you can forgive me my small sin.

Jan and I went out on New Year's Eve and ended up finding this neat little sendoff party underneath the Olive Avenue Bridge in Burbank, CA. The sendoff was for the Rose Parade Float for that year.

As we were about to leave, I snapped a series of shots of this little guy in his light up dreadlocks. We both thought he was adorable.

Later when I got home and processed the images, I was looking for a cityscape I had shot on the way home as my last image for 2010. The cityscape sucked, but this picture did not, so it became the final picture of 2010. You know, the last 'good' picture.

Enjoy the images below.

This was my last picture of 2010. We were leaving the event and I hadn't gotten what I was looking for in pictures. Then I saw this little guy in his father's arms. I snapped two quick pics with the father's permission and when I got home and looked at them I was very happy with the result. I had my last picture for 2010!