TRON Legacy World Premiere

Photographed 12/11/2010
Photographer: David Arnspiger

TRON. A major force in my life since 1982. It has affected so many things in my world and eventually made room for me to be a part of it.

That's a story for another day. This is about the TRON Legacy World Premiere.

There was no possibility of going to the premiere. That wasn't my place, but the day before the event my wife and I drove by as they were setting up for it on Hollywood Boulevard at the El Capitan theatre. I was excited to see the setup and the next day I decided I was going to take the train down to Hollywood and see what I could shoot as the event took place.

I took my 200mm lens and found a place across the street and started to work. Overall, I think I got some really nice shots. Most important to me was to capture my friend Steven Lisberger on the Blue Carpet. This was a huge night for him and I was so happy to see him getting a lot of attention from the ress.

I saw the movie at the El Capitan a few days later, and I loved it of course. Here are the pics from that night. Hope you like them.

Enjoy the images below.