Thriving Ivory - Troubadour - Hollywood, CA

Photographed 8/24/2010
Photographer: David Arnspiger

There is a certain feeling I get when I get to shoot in a special place. The Troubadour is one of those places. I was taking pictures in a place where Elton John graced the stage. So many of my favorite artists have been in those rooms. It's the closest I will ever come to a holy place, and Thriving Ivory provided me with two opportunities in this venue.

Thriving Ivory had gone through some changes since I had last seen them. They had a new bassist and and new keyboard player. They were still a very good live act, but I missed Scott on the keys. I feel like he's a key piece of that band.

The Troubadour is weird for me lighting wise. There are moments of clarity for me and then things go dark or overpowered with purple hues. It's a challenging place to shoot in. I feel like I got some good shots, but I did a lot more spray and pray type shooting rather than picking my moments. I hope you enjoy the images I kept out of the 3300 I shot.