Entice, Troubadour, Hollywood

Photographed 8/24/2010
Photographer: David Arnspiger

Prior to shooting the band Entice at The Troubadour in Hollywood, CA, my sister had introduced me to their song 'The Watchman'. I loved it and I got a copy of their 2009 CD, Let The Fire Come. I felt like this was a band with a lot of promise. They had a great sound. Not too long after this event, both Thriving Ivory and Entice were no more. Ultimately, Entice reformed as the band Alta Sky. I really need to check in on their new stuff and see what's up.

Their live show was awesome. Of the three bands on the bill that night, they were a solid second place to me, if not rivaling Thriving Ivory for first.

While shooting, I fought with the light in the Troubadour a lot. There was rarely any form of normal lighting. Instead, the stage was washed with single colors, and it made it really difficult for me. Not my greatest shots, but I think it gives a good representation of their show.

Enjoy the images below.