2010 Step Out: Walk To Stop Diabetes Mile Markers

Photographed 7/2/2010
Photographer: David Arnspiger

I first became involved in Step Out: Walk To Stop Diabetes in 2009 when I was asked to shoot team photos at the walk in Valencia, CA.

The next year their photographer who shot their Mile Markers was no longer available, so I was asked to shoot the portraits they would use to create them.

They required images with a clean, removable background for the graphic artist.

I had recently purchased a green screen setup and was pretty sure I could do it. So I took the gig.

I was certainly technically able to do the shoot, what I was not prepared for was dealing with numerous children. I am good with kids, but multiple moving children, not so much. it was a challenge.

I decided to use the energy to my advantage. As kids arrived and departed from the shoot we got them excited about doing jumping shots. Getting wild for the camera. They really clicked with it and we ended up having a ball.

In the end, it was a complete success, the folks in charge liked the images and the posters came out great. I also got asked back for 2011!

Enjoy the images below.