Emma Ridley: The Marilyn Nude

Photographed 04/28/2010
Photographer: David Arnspiger
Model: Emma Ridley

In 2010 I did a photoshoot with Emma Ridley where we tried to re-create the famous Marilyn Monroe nude from 1953 for an advertising campaign she was planning for her fitness centers.

Until now, you could only see the advertisement version with text obscuring the image shown in the gallery below. As of today, Emma has given me permission to add the nude image as well, although she only provided a low resolution version of the final edited shot.

The advertisement appeared several times in the LA Weekly newspaper. I'm proud of the piece and the impact it made for Emma.

The funny thing was that this shoot nearly didn't happen. We shot a bunch of images as a warmup to the main shot. Emma was obviously uncomfortable with the nude shot. I did not apply any pressure to do the shot, and at one point she called the shoot and seemed to be leaving. I figured she simply didn't want to do it. I followed her out of the studio giving her my usual wrapup spiel on how to get the images later, and she said "Let's do this" and turned around and headed back to the studio.

The rest is history. I think we nailed the image and Emma looks terrific.

Check out Emma's web page at www.EmmaRidley.com for more information about her current activities.

Enjoy the images below.