Elliot Randall and the Deadmen at Molly Malone's

Photographed 2/20/2010
Photographer: David Arnspiger

Elliot Randall and the Deadmen performing live at Molly Malone's in Hollywood, CA.

If you have ever been to Molly Malone's, you know the stage is in a room separate from the bar and kitchen. It is a long skinny room and the only way to shoot close to the stage is to be in front of customers. I was able to find little spaces to stand in that kept me out of the line of sight and I would occasionally shoot right in front of the stage down on my knees.

The lighting in the club is good, and I was able to shoot at 1/50th, f1.8 and ISO 800 with no flash to get the shots below.

Enjoy the images below.